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The Dangers of HB5013

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What it Could Mean for Your No-Fault Benefits

Have you heard of HB 5013? If so and if not, listen up. This is important. It deals with your No-Fault Insurance benefits and it puts you and your family at risk if you are ever in a catastrophic auto accident. I have seen first hand what effect a catastrophic auto accident can have on someone and their family. I am not talking about fender benders, but accidents that alter a person’s life so drastically that they have multiple surgeries over decades, have no ability to work, and have no ability to care for themselves.

Here are a few reasons HB 5013 is bad for the people of Michigan:
1) It places a $25,000 cap for all non-emergency and post-acute medical needs.
2) It puts injured children at risk.
3) It prohibits victims of reckless, negligent, or drunk drivers from recouping uncovered medical expenses from an at-fault driver.

4) It cuts family-provided attendant care benefits (in many cases this a person’s only source for attendant care).

5) No guaranteed insurance rate reductions.

6) It does nothing to stop abusive, discriminatory, and unfair insurance industry practices.

7) It raises taxes on Michigan taxpayers.

8) It puts injured motorcyclists at risk.

9) It gives insurance companies more control over medical care.

10) It takes away legal rights of patients.
11) It gives immunity to careless insurance agents.
12) Will cause financial ruin for many Michigan families.

The Michigan Association for Justice has made it easy to let your representatives know you are opposed to this bill. Simply go to:

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